Welcome to Lydon's Lodge Bar, Restaurant & Accommodation.
LYDON'S LODGE HOTEL CONG is a family run hotel run by the Lydon family since 1975. 


Frank and Carmel Lydon opened the doors of the hotel in May of 1975 seeing a large amount of fishing people arriving at the Lodge.  Generations of visitors have enjoyed their personal introduction to the many attractions of the area whilst enjoying the warmth of the hotel where loving attention to detail is evident in home-cooked food, the traditional bar and spacious bedrooms.



Many of our first guest's continue to visit the Lodge for its comfort, relaxed atmosphere, warm welcome and of course for splendid FISHING!! Cong and LYDON'S LODGE HOTEL has been especially close to the hearts of fishing people for many years.  May see's the largest amount of fishing guests arriving at the Lodge for the famous Mayfly season, the days catch is weighted and displayed and The Bar @ The Lodge provides a perfect venue for a reconstruction of the day's sport. The hotel is situated in the pretty village  of Cong, which has many places of interest the film "The Quiet Man" starring John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara was filmed in 1951 and is still remembered by locals and visitors alike.


The Old Augustien Monastery and Abbey are now interesting ruins, The Monks Fishing House which is through the ground of the old Monastery and across a little bridge, by use of a line and bell a fish would be caught by monks and kept alive until needed for the pot!!


The Cross of Cong the cross was made in 1123 by Maelisa O'Echan at the wish of KIng Turlach O'Connor.  It is of Cong and in 1839 he was persuaded to sell it to the National Museum.  The thatched roof of the church was in bad state of repair at the time, so the 100 guineas he received for the Cross was more than enough to repair the roof.  The Cross can be seen in the National Museum of Ireland.  www.museum.ie


We also have the Harry Clarke stained Glass Window, Cong church contains a stained glass window of native Irish art.  This three light stained glass window of the Holy Family is situated behind the alter.


The Market Cross which stands in the centre of the main street is said to mark the spot where a just judge was slain in 1350.  This limestone cross bears an inscription in Irish and translated into english reads: "Pray for Niahol and for Gillibard O'Duffy who were Abbots of Cong".

There are many more attractions The Dry Canal, Ashford Castle, The Quiet Man Heritage Cottage but you will have to come and visit us to experience these magical places for yourself!!



Book with us now LYDON'S LODGE, CONG telephone int +353 (0) 094 9546053 or email us at lydonslodge@gmail.com  where you will be personally greeted by a family member on arrival.
We look forward to welcoming you.

Carmel, Deirdre, Stephen & John